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Senator Bartlett Introduces Bill to Remove Toxins from Our Schools

January 4, 2007

Senator Philip Bartlett II ( D-Cumberland County ) has introduced legislation to promote the use of non-toxic chemicals in our public schools. The bill, entitled “Resolve, To Encourage the Use of Safe Chemicals in Public Schools,” will ensure that school administrators are properly informed about the available safe alternatives to harmful chemicals found in pesticides and cleaning products, and give them an opportunity to be recognized for being toxin free.

“ The quality of a school’s environment can seriously affect the health and well-being of students and staff. It is important that schools are as toxin-free as possible,” said Senator Bartlett. “This measure will ensure that well intentioned schools officially have the information concerning safe alternatives to toxic chemicals.”

The bill requires the Department of Education to compile lists of alternative chemicals and distribute the lists to every school district in the state. The Department would also publish a list of those school districts pledging to use the safe, alternative chemicals.