Phil Bartlett, Maine State Senate District Six  

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Cutting the Ruth's ribbon.Phil Bartlett Helps to Cut the Ribbon at Ruth's Reusable Resources

January 4, 2008

Phil was pleased to be among the dignitaries at the ribbon cutting ceremonies for Ruth’s Reusable Resources new home in Portland .

Ruth's Reusable Resources, an organization that takes donations of surplus equipment and supplies from businesses and provides them to qualifying schools and non-profits, was forced to relocate when its former home was slated to be converted into senior housing. UNUM came forward and offered them space at a greatly reduced price, and the Department of Education provided a $235,000 grant to help the organization make the purchase. Phil was instrumental in securing the grant.

Others present at the ceremony included Chris Jerome, Senior Vice President at UNUM, Portland Mayor Ed Suslovic, Westbrook Mayor Bruce Cheluda, Scarborough Town Manager Ron Owen and U.S Senator Susan Collins.

“We are lucky to have this wonderful resource for Maine and its children,” said Phil. “It really needs to be copied throughout the state. I was very glad to be able to add my small bit to help them secure this wonderful new home.”

Since its founding in 1994, Ruth Libby and her staff have diverted more than $14 million worth of surplus business supplies to more than 70,000 Maine students in schools throughout the state.

Ruth’s Reusable Resources new home is at 39 Blueberry Road in Portland . For more information, call 699-5565.